Seeking a Friend in LA

When are you free? 
I haven’t seen you since last fall. 
My shift starts at three, 
and I can’t do August at all. 
Maybe September, 
if I can remember the date. 
I’m the befriender 
seeking a friend in LA. 

All of my friends 
have gone out live their best lives. 
I’m in my bed 
by ten or eleven each night. 
I feel offended. 
No invite extended to play. 
When work has ended, 
I’m seeking a friend in LA. 

My phone to my ear, 
it might be a faulty connection. 
I couldn’t hear 
a word that you said to me just then. 
Return to sender. 
I moved once again yesterday. 
Write me a letter 
seeking a friend in LA.