Tell Me What For

Why don’t you call anymore? 
Are we close at all anymore? 
In the long haul anymore? 
Tell me what for. 

I’ve been up walking the floor, 
trying my best to ignore 
maybe you find me a bore. 
Tell me what for. 

Did something I say make you sore? 
I didn’t hold open that door. 
This, that, or both, either, or? 
Tell me what for. 

I’m sorry if I overbore. 
Is it my imagining or 
maybe you love me no more? 
Tell me what for. 

You don’t like my posts anymore. 
Gone as a ghost anymore. 
Are we even close anymore? 
Tell me what for. 

Things were much simpler before. 
We had such a lovely rapport. 
Now you don’t seem quite as sure. 
Tell me what for. 

I’m here to listen if you’re 
wanting to settle the score. 
Come talk to me, I implore. 
Tell me what for. 

That is what friendships are for, 
sharing the apple and core. 
So open to me a bit more, 
and tell me what for.