Instrument doubling techniques, an Ohma mic review, and a songwriting exercise

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The power of doubling your instrument parts

Several weeks ago, I wrote y'all about an easy and effective music production tip: double your instrument parts with a different instrument. Well, I recorded a short video demonstrating that on a production I'm working on right now with Doctor Generous. Doubling your instrument parts with a slightly different sound can provide more texture and energy and also help that part cut through a mix.

I wrote a review of the Ohma Motif condenser mic

You may remember I recently had the privilege of visiting Ohma HQ and borrowing some demo mics. Well, I wrote a review of their Motif condenser, which you can read here! Colin Parker and Jessica Gerhardtkindly provided some sung audio examples from recording sessions we did with the Ohma. I really fell in love with this mic and highly recommend it if you're in the market for a studio condenser with lots of vibe.

Write music for a favorite piece of media

I am living for this new black cat zoning out meme. This cat's face! Anyway, I investigated the music behind the clip. It's a track called "aquatic ambience" by Scizzie, which shares the same title as a cult favorite track from Donkey Kong Country, leading me to believe Scizzie was inspired by this beloved game. If you need a burst of inspiration, write a new score for a scene you love, be it from film, TV, or video games. Or maybe write a song that is in conversation with a song that you love. Maybe even write a song for this black cat!


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