Singing with less sibilance, my favorite drum machines, and my Folk Alliance official showcase

Heya folks,

Welcome back to another edition of Sharing Notes! I missed last week, but I'm back on the horse now.

Singing with less sibilance

Many singers are taught to enunciate, but enunciation that makes for an evocative stage performance, can sound rather spitty in the studio, what with all our sensitive microphones. Part of good microphone technique is modifying your esses from a spread 'ee' shape to a more neutral mouth shape. For more, including a link to a video demonstration, you can read my notes here. And for more post-processing help for sibilants, check my notes here.

My favorite drum machines

My latest deep dive has been into the world of drum machines. I've taken notes on several of my favorite drum machine sounds and notable recorded instances of them. I also put together this playlist of drum machines used in genre contexts that aren't just pop or synthwave. If you need some drum machine sounds in a track, Samples From Mars is great and has some free offerings, and you can't go wrong with Reverb's free drum machine collection.

My Folk Alliance official showcase

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be one of the official showcase artists for the Folk Alliance Region West Music Conference, Fri, Oct 13. It's open to the public, goes from 7-10pm, and is happening at Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills, CA. Tickets for the Friday showcase can be bought here.

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