Be willing to miss out, great art needs a problem, and some new stuff I worked on

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Be willing to miss out

I've been dealing with some debilitating fatigue for most of this year and have had to become willing to miss out on events, especially if I'm to have any energy for creativity. There's some shame about this, given the social component of creative work, but as a counterpoint, I've learned creative people say no. Lynda Barry says, "loneliness, uncertainty, and boredom... have always been where creative ideas come from." Plus, its in our creative hermitages that we find our artistic voice. So say no to something today!

Great art needs a problem

Exigence is "a problem that can be resolved or changed by discourse" and the key to meaningful writing. I might describe it as a problem (however miniscule) that drives us to create, and the reason an audience should pay attention. For Leyla McCalla, the exigence of "Heavy as Lead" was lead contamination in Flint, MI and her own daughter's lead sickness. For Brian Eno, the exigence of much of his work is "something that does not exist that I would like to listen to." If you're in need of creative inspiration, look for a problem.

Some new stuff I worked on

My partner Jessica Gerhardt recently released her new single Paper Crane. I'm really grateful she and our friend and producer Mark Mekailian had me contribute electric guitars. For the closing guitar solo, I remember Mark gave me the direction, "play like Jess would sing." Also, my artist client Colin Parker recently released his double single which I produced, mixed, and mastered. I got to play keys, bass, lap steel guitar, and Colin had these kinds words to say about my contributions. We also used the new Ohma condenser mic on his vocals, which shone beautifully.

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