— Long Beach Public Radio


“I know just where I want to go … but I don’t know the way.” 

Arend Lee Jessurun recited the words of his third and latest single “I Don’t Know the Way” into his voice memos app one afternoon on the way to teach a guitar lesson. Arend follows in the tradition of confessional folk songwriters, writing about self-realization and personal experience. Part of that experience includes imposter syndrome, depression, and religious scrupulosity, which had deterred him from making music for many years. 

In 2019, after years of therapy, the growing discontent of not making his own music, and a brief stint as a barista, Arend laced-up and booked his first solo performance, opening for a friend’s album release party.  

Arend is currently planning production of a monthly song periodical, inspired by the DIY ethic of ‘00s folkies like Sufjan Stevens and Iron & Wine.



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