Tell Me What For

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Tell Me What For - Single

Arend Lee Jessurun

This is the second single in “The Old Soul and the Holy Fool,” a song cycle about relationships and self-realization. I’m gradually releasing these songs as singles, documenting my becoming as I record them individually over a period of time.

“Tell Me What For,” like the first single in the cycle “Everybody is a Fool,” is about processing (and in this case, even overthinking) a relational loss. It’s also for me an experiment in a new lyrical mode, one that is more tongue-cheek, inspired by John Prine.

I wrote this song during February Album Writing Month. This was one of those songs that just started flowing out as soon as I sat down with it. I had a fun time producing it, adding some Wilco-inspired wonky jazz guitar lines in the second verse. All in all, it was an experiment in fun, an embrace of my inner Holy Fool.

“That is what friendships are for,
sharing the apple and core.
So open to me a bit more,
and tell me what for.”
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