Arend Lee Jessurun on vocals, & guitars.
Produced, mixed, & mastered by Arend Lee Jessurun.
Artwork by Arend Lee Jessurun.

I’m off to seek the place where wisdom hides,
and lucky me, I think I’ve got a start,
for only fools should think that they are wise,
though sophomores and the sages look the part.
The more you learn, the less you know,
and I’ve sure got a ways to go.
I may be the slowest kid in school,
but I know everybody is a fool.

The Old Soul met the Holy Fool and said,
“I’ve come to you to learn your way of life.
Oh, pity me, for all my life is dead,
and all my peace has given way to strife.”
“The fool pretends a thousand ways
and dresses in a painted face
to try and hide from ridicule,
but I know everybody is a fool.”

Well love reveals to you your every fault,
your broken heart, and every broken rule.
Yes, love will teach you how to know your heart,
and then you’ll know you’ve always been a fool.
And some are fools to fall in love,
and some, that’s what they’re scared of,
still some may think that love is cruel,
but I know everybody is a fool.

And I may be a fool for you,
but I know everybody is a fool.