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I Don't Know the Way - Single

Arend Lee Jessurun

“I Don’t Know the Way” is a dreamy folk ballad inspired by Brandi Carlile, Leonard Cohen, T. S. Eliot, and the search for a life of meaning.

I was listening to NPR’s New Music Friday, on my way to a coffee shop that was, as it turned out, closed, when this melody presented itself to me. I felt inspired after having heard Brandi Carlile’s song “The Mother,” and sang this new melody into my phone. Perhaps it was my unconscious mind coming up with an alternate melody for that song (as it turns out, my verses scan in the same meter as Brandi’s). It was a few more months and several drafted verses before I came up with lyrics I felt I could sing. I had always wanted to write a song in the style of Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne,” with the second verse taking an aside and contemplating a religious figure. Similarly, I’d always wanted to write one of those rambling folk songs about travel, but travel in an inward, spiritual sense.
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My name is Arend Lee Jessurun (AIR•end lee JESS•ur•un). I’m a folk singer-songwriter from Fresno, CA via Truckee and Curaçao. I live in Long Beach, CA now.  

I believe in sad songs. For too long, imposter syndrome, depression, and religious scrupulosity hindered my growth as a singer-songwriter. Now, after years of therapy, the growing discontent of not making my own music, and a brief stint as a barista, I have these songs to show for it.

I also care about making others’ music heard. I produce, mix, and master my own music. If you'd like to work together on a project, email me.