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Photo by Savannah Walters

Photo by Savannah Walters

Arend Lee Jessurun (AIR•end lee JESS•ur•un) is a singer-songwriter and music producer/engineer from Los Angeles, CA. His pure singing voice, nimble guitar arrangements, and poetic sensibility have earned him comparisons to James Taylor, Iron & Wine, and Nick Drake. 

Arend’s latest work, “Demo-Listen Derby 2020,” began as a biweekly demo series on Patreon and has evolved into a three-volume EP-set. For Arend, “Demo-Listen Derby” is an exercise in anti-perfectionism, following after self-recording heroes such as Richard Swift and Sufjan Stevens. Each song from the set is one-take, recorded on one-mic in his home studio. 

In life, everything is a demo, and Arend is embracing this maxim, true to the DIY indie spirit. “Demo-Listen Derby 2020, Vol. 2,” the second EP in the set, is available June 23.