Create things to love yourself, Springsteen and Rilke on depression and judgment, creativity is paying attention

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Welcome back to another issue of Sharing Notes! I'm gonna start doing a little roundup of memes I found during the week at the end of these too.

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Create things to love yourself

Last week I wrote about creating things to love others. But of course you can't do that very well without loving yourself first! Mary Gauthier says the primary goal of writing is to find your voice, not to look cool or gain visibility. Mary Oliver calls these "only flirtations" compared to love affair of writing. And Rachel Carson says, "If you write what you yourself sincerely think and feel and are interested in, you will interest other people." So create for yourself and make what you like.

Springsteen and Rilke on depression and judgment

Depression has been something I've struggled with for many years, this year more than recent years. I was recently reminded of this Bruce Springsteen quote I saved: "If you can acknowledge it and you can relax with it a little bit, very often it shortens its duration." Rilke warns against the self-judgment that can come with depression, saying, "Do not draw too hasty conclusions from what happens to you; let it simply happen." This year I've been practicing how to simply go with the waves of depression, instead of getting rolled by them.

Creativity is paying attention

It seems to me what Springsteen and Rilke are recommending is mindfulness, or simply paying attention, being present. Mary Oliver says, "To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work." Part of the job of an artist is to call attention to overlooked things, whether that be social issues and concerns, feelings one has avoided, or simply the bees lighting on your neighbors' rosemary bush. Pay attention and observe the little things. One of my favorite ways to do so is through the Lynda Barry journal method.

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