A new record I produced, Fox Den this Friday, and creativity in the face of injustice and violence

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A new record I produced

Jessica Gerhardt, whom some of you may know as my fiancé, just put out her latest single, Psalm 139. I had the joy of producing, mixing, and playing guitars and synths on this one. Sonically it's a little bit new-age, a little bit '00s indie rock. Jess writes, "This recording (which is more than 10 years in the making) is very deeply special to me, as it also represents my connection to both my Jewish and Catholic roots." For some BTS, check out this studio footage of me geeking out playing synths and the influences playlist.

Fox Den this Friday

The last Fox Den concert of the year is this Friday, Nov 18. This month's performers are Ethan Buckner (fka The Minnesota Child), Sophie Reynolds, Ramsey Lee, and Charlie Moon. RSVP to Friday at the Fox Den here. I've been illustrating the posters lately and rediscovering my love for drawing. "The great thing about painting and drawing, as opposed to thinking about it, is the resistance of matter," says Philip Guston.

Creativity in the face of injustice and violence

Wole Soyinka, when asked the question, "What can literature do in the face of such chaos, injustice, and violence?" replies, "Well, present a model of possibilities, and that is all. ... The fact that literature is not helpless is proven by the fact that it attracts power." I believe this is true of all art. All of us creatives can be cultural workers, working to envision and create a culture of peace and liberation. Beauty will save the world.

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